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To-do lists and Flashcards for daily tasks.
A flexible solution to two different tasks
Note/it is unique in that functions both as a to-do list manager and a flashcard trivia website. It is written to help people on their daily tasks. We feature collaboration so groups can make shared lists or flash cards for assignments. Our To-dos are flexible. If you want to have a to-do list that has things you do daily, you can set it to do it daily. Flashcards are sorted in "sets" and can be shared with friends. You can quiz yourself to review for that big test.
Because of how Note/it was developed on the web, it has a simple API which allowed it to be ported to other devices. We are working on ports for Android, Windows 10, and iOS. If we update the API, it will update functionality on all devices. Get the app by clicking on a device below!
Developer Friendly
Writing an app that implements Note/it? No need to worry! We have full documentation of the Note/it API right here with full support for GET and POST.
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